ALERT: Full Wolf Moon

[CAUTION TURN THIS DOWN VERY LOW. FOR SOME REASON SHE SUBLIMINAL AND MAIN VOCALS ARE ABOUT THE SAME VOLUME. IT’S WORKING FINE ON MY JUNKY LITTLE LAPTOP. Yes tonight is the first full moon of 2020 and of the winter, which makes it a WOLF moon. Watch a scary wolf story on Netflix tonight. OnceContinue reading “ALERT: Full Wolf Moon”

We Don’t Always Get Up

??? – Politics as Usual Born my son of youth, My pride shadowed you, Our long talks  sitting under the stars, Your wisdom learning astounding. You followed me, To the sky, Your letters,  soothed ego,  in uniform you came, healthy and strong. Randomness comes, without warning, Often Chaos follows, tragedy forms, Every rising sun, inContinue reading “We Don’t Always Get Up”


I previously operated a Blog called the Americanist and a Peace Blog, after various mass or school shootings, I often had various articles on violence. I will only briefly address this, the 90% controlled news media is already destroying all rationality over the recent shootings last week (Aug. 5 2019). Why has America been involvedContinue reading “CHRISTIANS CAUSE VIOLENCE”