This is the title of a historical novel, by Ken Follett. I’ve read another novel by Ken Follett, “The Pillars of Earth”.

However, as popular as the ‘Pillars‘ has become, it never captured my imagination like; “A Place Called Freedom”.

It brings life to the struggle for freedom and liberty by Scotland and England, labor, inequality, and Scotland’s white slavery against coal miners. It covers social issues and reactions by different factions of both sides, rich and poor, owners and laborers and more.

The book rings very true of America’s revolution, but astonishing mirrors America’s social upheaval in 2020. You can’t polarize like presently, Democrats and Republicans, but it illuminates factional division, their actions, personal insight, evolving issues.

Read this book. Besides all the above lofty words, the book is well written and very entertaining.

Review by, Jim Kirk-Wiggins. September 21, 2020. Free use of review is permitted. Writers copyright not included.

Published by James Kirk-Wiggins

A Blogger who believes our press is no longer free or diverse. One voice crying in the wilderness, Free America. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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