America is Weak to our Enemies

“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” 
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

You think you know what kind of President Joe Biden will be? Leftist Radical, like the many gathered around him? Wrong. After elected the radical left, and all the promises of a chicken in every pot will be pushed aside. Enter the old foreign policy advocates, like Hillary Clinton, and a foreign policy that has kept us at war for decades. HRC is the archetype of our failed foreign policy. Her policy, besides giving away secret technology, likely created the enmity between Russia and the US. It embolden them in Chechnya, Ukraine, Syria, and Turkey.

Russia now waits, playing their masterful foreign policy game of Chess. China is philosophically at war with us now. They frantically are building their military, putting repressive choke holds on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the international waterways. They are suffering economically, the Virus, lost trade around the globe, unemployment. Warfare economy is where she stands.

Her puppet North Korea is preparing a submarine launch able Nuclear weapon. If China gets real bold, she may encourage NK to be the first strike and WW3 is on.

What has changed? We have riots and rebellion across our nation in many major cities. A race riot or revolution nationwide, seems close at hand. The media and politicians have flamed the hatred of Black Americans to the point ignition. Eventually, White America will find her racial hatred wasn’t that distant. Each will feed off the others flames. This will greatly weaken our nation. The polarization of race, economics, politics, media…Helter Skelter is upon us.

Yes we still have a mighty military. But if cities are forced to confront rioters aggressively what can we expect? There are multitudes of Black military members who are most patriotic and courageous. That being said, they make up 20% of our armed forces. How many will take a knee, when the National Anthem plays. How many will be convinced the next war is not the White mans war. The truth is not as important, as how our enemies perceive the unity in our armed forces.

With Democrat control of Congress, and the Executive Branch, there will remain a near 50% Americans nationwide that are in opposition. How loud will their protest be when Democrats force their agenda on nearly half of a nation of independent and proud Americans. Perc

Freedom of the press and Free Speech is controlled by half a dozen media outlets. They promote only liberal and radical agendas. And whatever Joe Biden represents. This election of 2020 has already been stolen by their control of information.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter control and censor content, not within the open border, one world radical agenda. The election has been already stolen.

Broadcast, Print, and Digital media have nullified any democracy left in America, starting in 2016 and since 1996.

The US Congress is now corrupt as any third world nation. Our congress is heinous, selling America for narcissistic political and personal profit.

Our nation lies in ruins and chaos through a shadow revolution. NOW is the time to confront the shadow revolution. An Eye For an Eye! Not all enemies of Democracy hide in shadows, they must publicly be repaid an Eye for an Eye.

I do not encourage or imply any violence, nor hate. Patriots will open their eyes and act accordingly. I do NOT discourage any actions under the sun. There is a season for all things. I do not lead nor judge. I only report what I see. And I weep.

A Lone Wolf

Published by James Kirk-Wiggins

A Blogger who believes our press is no longer free or diverse. One voice crying in the wilderness, Free America. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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